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Static Guard Division
Our fully insured security team offers you complete protection in all areas of security and safety.

SecurTrust Protection will arrange to have an 'on-site' security guard (or guards) posted at your home, place of business, special event, motion picture or television set; anywhere security services are required in Ontario.

Our experienced security team ensures the safety and protection of our clients and their property. A uniformed security guard on duty provides maximum visibility and can perform a variety of security-related tasks, including:

* Providing a uniformed security guard at the front gates of a 'gated community'
or in a neighbourhood

* Providing 'on site' 24/7 protection to residents of single family dwellings, multi-unit
apartments, and condominiums

* Security for films and television, including sets, talent, equipment, vehicles, studios, and roadways

* Guard assistance in retail stores, plaza's and malls

* Patrol assigned areas such as multiple warehouses, manufacturing facilities or commercial properties

* Securing family and guests at wedding events

* Providing reliable crowd control at concerts

* Keeping the peace on a picket line

* Watching over a construction project

* Securing entire buildings and parking lots including chaperoning individuals to and from a special event

There is no better substitute for the physical presence of a security guard.

Contact us for a no obligation consultation on security guard services.

Our qualified team is experienced in all areas of security and safety to provide you with the most effective and reliable protection possible.

SecurTrust Protection

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Toronto, Ontario
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Tel: 647.347.6115
Fax: 647.347.6112

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