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About SecurTrust Protection
Our fully insured security team offers you complete protection in all areas of security and safety - setting a higher level of protection than other security guard agencies.

SecurTrust Protection is the fastest growing event security company in Toronto, Owen Sound, Grey Bruce, and Simcoe County.

* SecurTrust Protection security guards are trained in the Trespass to
Property Act, Private Investigator and Security Guard Act, and other related
laws as well as arrest procedures and self-defense.

* All SecurTrust Protection security guards undergo thorough orientation training
classes and testing

* Our Supervisors ensure that our guards meet and/or exceed our demanding standards of protection.

* SecurTrust Protection guards are trained and equipped to provide the peace of mind our clients expect.

SecurTrust Protection's security guard team offers all levels of security services:

* Personal Security Services

* Private Security Services

* Mobile security, private investigations, parking
enforcement & high-risk area responses

* Construction site, industrial park, corporate,
retail store & loss prevention security

* Concierge, hotel, commercial, housing complex,
condominium, hospital, shopping mall and plaza security

* Concert, night club, and bar security

* Neighbourhood and gated community security patrols

* Corporate and warehouse security

SecurTrust Protection provides security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Contact us for a no obligation consultation on security guard services.

Our qualified team is experienced in all areas of security and safety to provide you with the most effective and reliable protection possible.

SecurTrust Protection

289 Bering Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M8Z 3A5 Canada

Tel: 647.347.6115
Fax: 647.347.6112

info (at)securtrust (dot) ca

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